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SUPER 73-S2 Series


RICK’S REVIEW: If you’re a certain age, just one look at the Super 73-S2 and a flood of childhood memories come to mind.  Mini-bikes! Mickey Rupp started the craze in the late 1960’s and soon every kid in the neighborhood was saving paper route and lawn cutting money to buy a mini-bike.  Mini-bikes were fun and cool, simple as that, and that’s the brilliance of the Super 73-S2. They modernized a childhood icon. It looks like an electric mini-bike should look.  From the frame design to the gas-tank battery, the banana seat and 20x4.5” tires, they nailed it.  Add in a big motor, big battery, air spring front fork, hydraulic brakes and you have the running gear for miles of fun and adventure.  There is no other ebike on the market that has the fan base of Super 73, people love this bike and so do I, they’re cool.

super 73

Super 73-RX Series

Fun★★★★★Quality ★★★★★Value★★★★☆

RICK’S REVIEW: If my review of the S2 was a trip down memory lane (all good), than my thoughts regarding the RX are a continuation to present day reality.  This is the coolest electric mini-bike available today and I need one. With added rear suspension, up-graded front fork, added power, bigger brakes and top-of-the-line electronics the RX is the S2 on steroids.  This bike competes with 49cc gas-powered mopeds(Honda Ruckus) but doesn’t need to be licensed, has much better electronics and you can ride it on bike paths/trails.  Fifty years ago I spent my lawn cutting money to by a build-your-own mini-bike kit, today I’ll be spending some of my kids inheritance and having just as much fun.     

super 73


Rick Mazur, Founder of ebike-ubike

Casey Neistat & SUPER 73 video review

Super 73 has a following like no other ebike on the market. You’ll find videos of riders in the UK and Europe. Can we import this vibe to Detroit!!??

Rick's Picks

Coolest bike ever

Coolest bike ever. I will never forget my favorite bike. Yep, this is the one that started it all for me. THE Schwinn Pea Picker 5 Speed 1969 Krate Stingray. It all goes back to being a kid again. Freedom, the ability to explore, playing with your friends. It all boils down to having fun.

uncomfortable seat experience

Quality ★★★★★ Value ★★★★ RICKS REVIEW: So now I’m reviewing a $250 seat post? Stay with me on this one… We also can find an endless supply of after market seats with springs and dampers and memory foams all to help with comfort and fighting off numbness in a delicate body region. 
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