uncomfortable seat experience

uncomfortable seat experience

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RICKS REVIEW: Stay with me on this one…We hear that one of the benefits of fat tires on ebikes is that they are more comfortable because of the cushion provided by the extra large volume of air.  We also can find an endless supply of after market seats with springs and dampers and memory foams all to help with comfort and fighting off numbness in a delicate body region. So now I’m reviewing a $250 seat post?  Fact is the ebike you purchase will most likely not have rear suspension, which is fine because because it’s not necessary unless you plan on riding it on mountain bike trails.  But speaking from experience, the constant bumps and vibrations from gravel paths, sidewalk cracks, pot holes in the road and going over curbs will cause fatigue and numbness.  So what good is it to have a bike with 30-50+ mile range if your bottom is numb after 10 miles?  Yes, you can find aftermarket seats that will help, but they may not be the final answer, so in that situation a suspension seat post is a great solution.  The KINETK 2.1 is a beautifully engineered piece and it offers a wide range adjustments to help ensure you get a proper fit.  Like most things in life, one size does not fit all.  Your new ebike will be a great starting point for new fun and adventure right from the factory.  However, if you find the need to address the issue of an uncomfortable seat experience, it makes sense to first invest in a suspension seat post, and I really like this one.


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