DNR- ebikes in Michigan

DNR- ebikes in Michigan

This is some solid information from the DNR. – Rick Mazur –

Electric Bikes in Michigan.


An electric bicycle (or e-bike) is a bicycle that has a small rechargeable electric motor that can give a boost to the pedaling rider and on some models can take over completely. To qualify as an electric bike in Michigan, it must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have a seat or saddle for the rider to sit on.
  • There must be fully operational pedals.
  • It must have an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, or 1 horsepower.

Whether you can ride an electric bicycle on a trail depends on several factors – the e-bike's class, the type of trail, and whether the authority that manages or oversees the trail allows the use. You can read the full legislation here


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